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He Couldn’t Help Liking How She Looked

Sylvia said, quit tugging on the hem of your dress and look this way, Andrea. Andrew’s aunt was taking some pictures at her studio as his mother looked on with a smile. He bristled at being called Andrea as if what they’d done to him wasn’t bad enough. Inside he felt like crying and he would have but he didn’t want to be reminded again that he was acting like a girl. Helen, his mom, had whispered that in his ear as he stood in front of the mirror at the salon a few doors down in the same strip mall where his aunt’s photography studio is. Helen had explained his tears away loudly for all to hear that her tomboy daughter was so overcome with how good they had made her look she’s moved to tears. It was just one more embarrassment suffered on top of the many he’d endured last night and this morning.

Being naked in front of his mom last night as she waxed his entire body free of hair he thought at the time was the worst. Being paraded into the salon in this short dress and heels with his short hair styled into what passed for a pixie cut was worse. Especially with what seemed like giant breast jiggling on his chest as he tried to step carefully in the heels. Now with the extensions added to his blonde hair and what they did to his eyebrows, he couldn’t avoid the fact he looked just like the girl his mother said he was. They’d even done his finger and toenails. What was so troubling was as they walked from the salon to his aunt’s studio, even though he was trying not to, he couldn’t stop looking at the pretty girl reflected in the windows as they passed. Andrew was very confused because as much as he didn’t want to, he thought she was cute. He couldn’t help liking how she looked…

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