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So Glad

Connor still finds it a little hard to believe that he’s come so far so fast. As he watches Lillian get ready to take some pictures it still amazes him that just two years ago he’d never given a thought to dressing, let alone living and working as a woman. What is even more confusing to him is that he loves it. He’d been dating Lillian for about a year before this all started and aside from wanting him to let his hair grow out even longer than his collar length, there was no indication that she had any of the desires that he later found out about.

Shortly after she moved in with him she asked if he’d mind getting rid of his body hair. She said it has always irritated her skin but sleeping in the same bed every night with him now it was getting to be a problem. He went along with it and even enjoyed the difference in how things felt but some fabrics now seemed abrasive. She started buying him things that were softer and smoother and one day he noticed that he was wearing a camisole. When he mentioned it she said a lot of his things were made for women. She joked, “I’ve got the matching panties if you’d like to try them?” He eventually did try them as a joke but Lillian got so turned on that he soon did it again. That began a long string of little changes that led to him living as Constance or Connie. Had he not had an accounting business that he ran out of a home office things probably wouldn’t have progressed quite so fast. What has been the case since this all started is that the more she’s Connie the hotter they are for each other and there’s no end in sight. Lillian says he obviously should have been a woman. He’s not so sure about that but she’s glad she is now.

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