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Discovered While Shopping

As Harry left the office he could barely conceal his excitement. “I’ll be back in about an hour,” he said to Linda, the office admin, as he passed her desk on the way to the door. As office admin, Linda worked with several departments and was always the source of inter-department gossip. “Take any messages for me but don’t tell callers when to expect me back,” he added. Efficient and business-like, that was Harry, and that was what had brought him to a position of middle-management at the firm where he had a team of four young girls working under him in Quality Control. There was a project nearing its deadline and everyone would be tied up at work for the day making last-minute preparations for the release. Harry knew he had the streets to himself and he quickly headed for the lingerie shop he frequented in a quiet side-street across town. Harry had been crossdressing for years and although very much in the closet amongst his acquaintances he was not beyond going to a women’s fashion store and trying on some clothes. If that could be lingerie, then so much the better. He had found the girls in the lingerie store were very accepting of his fetish and the thrill of having real women helping him to try on and to choose clothes was exquisite.

He had been visiting the store now for three months and knew Bev and Jill, the attendants by name. They knew his tastes and always kept an eye out for something special for him. They even got him a wig that looks like his own hair, and helped with the makeup. Today was no exception. Within minutes of arriving he was decked out in ared satin corset with lace trim and thigh-high black stockings. “My, just look at you, you little minx,” commented Bev as he came out of the dressing room and paraded in front of the shop’s mirrors and the girls. “We have it in dark green as well, would you like to try it?” asked Jill.

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Of course, he would. Jill passed the delicate emerald corset to him from behind the changing room curtain and he set to work slipping on the satin garment. He heard the girls talking outside and he blushed with excitement as he imagined them talking about him. When he was all set he marched back out and stood in front of the full-length mirror taking care to give the girls a good view too. “Well, what do you think dears?” he asked in the sissy voice he kept for his visits to the store.

For a moment there was silence. “I think Harry, you look very cute,” said a familiar voice. Harry whipped around and saw to his horror Linda’s sister Sarah coming out from behind a rack of babydolls and camisoles. Sarah would often drop by the office to chat with Linda, a practice that Harry didn’t approve of. “I just popped in to pick up a little something sexy for myself although I don’t quite have your legs,” Sarah said with barely concealed mirth. Harry turned as pink as his lipstick. He mumbled some incoherent excuses and quickly changed back to his regular clothes and came out of the changing room “Harry works with my sister,” Sarah said to Bev and Jill. “Although he usually wears a suit.” “You should see him in that cream bodysuit, he looks a treat,” replied Jill. He dashed for the door and heard Bev and Jill tell Sarah about some of the other delicates he had tried on and even some of his purchases. His hands were shaking as he came back to the office. He hoped and prayed that Sarah would have all the discretion her sister lacked. If Linda ever found out every girl in the building would know by the end of the day. As he came through the door he caught Linda’s eye as she talked on the phone and he knew that Sarah was already telling her everything…

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