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Creepy, Perverted, and Disgusting

“Dude, that is some creepy, perverted, and disgusting thing to say to me!” Michael said to Trevor in disgust. “What? I just said you had some pretty nice tits for a white chick!” Trevor said. “And that you should visit me at work. Do you not realize how fucking hard this is for me?” Michael asked. “Hard for you? Look at me! I’m a fucking old white dude!” Trevor said. “Yeah, you still have a penis! I’m a fucking chick! I have tits. I have a fucking pussy! I fucking bleed out of it! And then I have to deal with you eyeing me up all the time and telling me how sexy I am. I’m your fucking daughter now! What you are doing is just… wrong. I know it must suck to be older than your own dad. But it can’t be worse than my situation. And besides, it’s your own fault you’re an old white dude.” Michael said.

“How is this my fault?! It was your idea to use that bodyswap ray!” Trevor argued. “Yeah. To swap with two rich and young white dudes. But you missed the shot! Now we are stuck as ‘Mr. haven’t had a job in ten years and his useless daughter ‘couldn’t even finish high school but has to take care of her broke father’.” Michael explained as he stood up and prepared to leave. “Where are you heading?” Trevor asked. “Got to head to work. One of the girls called in sick. I have to take over for her.” Michael explained. “And Trevor, I don’t know if it was a joke or not. But please, don’t visit me at work. Ever.” he said as he turned around to look at him. “It’s bad enough I am stuck as a stripper. The last thing I need is to get naked on stage. And see my best friend and my new father there watching me.” he explained. “Alright, I won’t visit you at work! I promise. But can you at least take some pictures of the other dancers for me?” Trevor asked.

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