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It had only been a few hours, but Craig was already loving the bodyswap therapy he and his wife Lisa were doing. For months now Lisa had been complaining in their marriage counseling about how horny Craig was all the time. She was happy with their sex life. But Craig’s constant horniness was getting tiresome. She argued that he only needed to learn how to control himself. While he argued that it was impossible not to be horny around her sexy body. That argument just made her even angrier. She was not even dressing up that sexy! The fight went on for months. Until the counselor finally suggested that they should try a swap therapy for a month. Before the swap, Lisa was looking forward to it while Craig was dreading it. He did not want to be a woman for a month. While Lisa was looking forward to showing Craig how easy it was to control his urges. But it did not take long for Lisa to realize that it was easier said than done. She really regretted putting on that dress that Craig always said made him crazy. She thought it was just a normal dress. Now it was making her crazy. She could not keep her eyes off her breasts. And she was astonished by how much she just wanted to play with them. And not just her boobs. But her entire body. She wanted to take her hard cock and ram it up… “You want a drink, honey?” Craig asked and interrupted her thoughts.

“Uhm…,” Lisa stammered with her eyes still fixed on her impressive cleavage. “Maybe some milk?” Craig giggled as he folded his arm underneath her breasts, increasing the cleavage and giving them a little jiggle. He did not think he would, but so far he was really enjoying being a woman. He felt sexy. And powerful. And he had some fun seeing Lisa squirm so much. But above all else, he was really looking forward to sex. He had been really scared of having sex as a woman. Now after only a few hours, he was looking forward to it. But not tonight. Tonight he was going to have some fun. “I’ve got a really bad headache. I think I’m going to go and take a bath. And then have an early night.” Craig said and tried not to laugh as he saw Lisa’s devastated face. A headache and an early night had always been code from Lisa that he would not be getting any that night. Craig figured it was only fair that Lisa experienced what it was like for him. While he would enjoy a warm bath and get a bit more familiar with his temporary body. Although it would not be as temporary as they both hoped. Craig had not been looking forward to going through Lisa’s period. But by the end of the month, he had not yet had it. Thanks to Lisa who begged Craig for a quickie in the bathroom at a restaurant. Until the baby was born Craig and Lisa were stuck. And after Craig held his daughter in his arms he had no intention of swapping back.

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