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Career Opportunity

“And remember James, or should I call you Jasmine now?… Just remember that I’m the boss’s son. With just one word, I can take your career to the fucking top. That’s what I can do for you. All you have to do for me is be my Sissy girlfriend. You have to come to my apartment, every morning before work… that’s assuming you haven’t already stayed the night… And take care of all my needs. I’ll treat you like a princess!


From now on you’ll be my sexy, dirty girl, and it’ll be our little secret. After that, you can wash off your makeup and get changed for work as normal, and nobody at the office will ever know that just hours before, you were taking my cock deep in your sissy butt. I’ll speak to my Dad and let him know that you’ve been doing a lot of ‘out-of-hours overtime’ for me. How does a 50% pay rise sound to start with? And there will be plenty of commission available from me too, but that depends on the quality of your ‘work’.

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  1. SissyMmarsha

    wow really awesome job!

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