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Give Me Bigger Boobies

Mary snapped her fingers and Roy suddenly found himself in the body of a very voluptuous woman. “Wish granted.” Mary laughed. “How is this my wish granted?!” Roy said angry and in shock. “You wished that half of the women would be incredibly hot sex addicted bimbos. I created a reality just for you. In this reality half of the female population will turn into bimbos when they hit puperty. I just made sure that you are one of them.” Mary explained. “If you think giving me a woman’s body will make me a bimbo you are mistaken. And what about my other two wishes?” Roy asked angry. “Ah yes. Money and power. I’m getting tired of granting those wishes to people. And I never did say that I would grant you your three wishes. I just told you to tell me your three wishes. If and how I grant them is up to me. I am a free genie. I can do whatever I want. Like this. She said as she snapped her fingers again and Roy suddenly found himself standing there only dressed in lingerie. He tried to remain calm. “Is this supposed to impress me? I’m still not going to be a bimbo.” Roy said.

“Oh honey, I’m not done with you yet. I left the mind changes to the very end. I wanted to explain to you what had happened. And I do get annoyed by bimbo talk.” Mary snapped her fingers again. “Are you impressed now?” she asked. “Like what should I like be impressed about?” Roy said and then shrieked in shock. “Oh my god! I can’t like talk right! I like… I totally like… I totally sound like a bimbo! But I like don’t think like one!” Roy cried. Mary snapped her fingers again. “Tell me sweety, what is four times three?” Mary asked. “Well that is like totally like easy! Two times three is like six. So… ten… eleven… twelve… Twelve is like three times. So our is like double that… that is like a really big number!” Roy said slowly. Roys mind meanwhile was racing. He knew how to talk normal. He knew what three times four was. But every time he wanted to speak the information came out sounding like a bimbo. “Are you impressed now? You might not be a true bimbo like half the women on this planet. As long as you don’t ltry to communicate with anybody you will have your same old brain. Of course… once you try to communicate… well, you have already seen what happens. Nobody will ever believe you are capable of higher brain functions. There are only two things left to do.” she laughed as she snapped her finger again once more making Roy obsessed with his body and looks. And then followed it by another snap of her fingers. Roy felt his new crotch get wet instantly. Mary laughed. “Enjoy your new life!” she said as she snapped her fingers and disappeared. “Wait! You need to like give me bigger boobies!” Roy cried.

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