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Blurred Lines

It started as a giggle, some online chat to turn you on while you wanked in your wife’s panties when she was out with her friends. It was fun, a giggle, being Oscar to the rest of the world but being Jessica for guys online. Your dirty, horny little secret. You never expected to meet Roland online, or for this virtual stranger to have such an impact on you.


It was crazy, but just the way he typed was so…so dominating, and it turned you on. So you did what he asked because you found you liked pleasing him. You wore your wife’s clothes, bought a wig and makeup, sent him piccies and videos of you dancing to Britney Spears while dressed like a slut or sucking a banana like it was a cock. Sure you went further than you’d gone for any other guy, but you told yourself things wouldn’t go too far, that you’d know when to call it a day, that there were some lines you’d never cross.


And yet here you are, dressed as Jessica and bent over while he fucks your virgin ass with his hard cock. Here you are urging him on. “Fuck me, daddy, make me your bitch,” you cry while he calls you a dirty whore and tells you you’re now his girl. You know you’ve gone too far, but you don’t care, the pain humiliation, and pleasure of being ass-fucked is the greatest thing you’ve ever experienced. Right now you don’t ever want to be Oscar again, you just want to be Jessica forever, and for Jessica to be Roland’s slut! Where will it all end!

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