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So Much To Take In

“Get out of the pool and inside Charles! You can’t go into the pool wearing your daughter’s old swimsuit.” Erin said to her husband Charles. Charles stopped at the edge of the pool to talk to her. “Look honey, it’s the hottest week we’ve had in years. Our air conditioning is broken. And it won’t be repaired anytime soon thanks to the Great Shift. All the shops are closed as well. And I don’t exactly have any swimwear or clothes that fit me. This is the best I could do. I need to cool off. It’s boiling hot in our apartment!” Charles explained.

“Look at you! Everyone can see your ass! Just think about the poor girl. How do you think she would feel seeing her own body like that!” Erin said. “When I shifted into her she was just at a bar wearing a mini skirt, high heels, and a white t-shirt taking part in a wet t-shirt competition. I really don’t think she would mind you and a few of the neighbors seeing her body like this.” Charles explained. Erin looked at her husband and knew that he was right. A part of her even wanted to jump into the pool with him. But she couldn’t. She knew she would not be able to control herself. She could not believe how horny her husband’s body was by just looking at her husband’s new body. A girl barely half their age. And Erin knew that would be wrong. She couldn’t let that happen. But Charles had some other ideas. He was starting to find his old body quite attractive as well. And he was quite eager to test out his new body. And he knew exactly how he could drive his old body crazy.

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