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A Bit Dazed

Lonny was still a bit dazed and groggy as Gail spoke to him telling him their dates were here. He has been out of it for the better part of two days but he thinks it’s just been since this morning. Gail had forced this on him as a condition that she not divorce him and kick him out. Lonny had gotten quite used to not working and being a man of leisure so he agreed without a fight. Gail was furious when she confronted him about the more than one affair he’d been having and she had proof. She’d said you can be my girlfriend for a while until I can trust you again or you can get out.

She had given him what she said was a mild sedative before the salon people who came to the house got started with the waxing. Gail also put some headphones on him with soothing music and that’s the last he remembers. Now his body is completely hairless, he has small breasts that will grow as the hormone implant kicks in, and of course the hair extensions and new color. He can barely remember Gail helping him to get dressed and explaining that his name would now be Lacy. She smiled when she saw the slow nod of his head indicating the programing was active. Gail once again was very thankful that she had money. It’s amazing what you can get people to do. The custom-made programming she’d had him listening to for the past 48 hours was guaranteed to work. She’ll have a girlfriend from now on who’ll do anything she’s told. She may even have Lacy thank her date with a blow job later. Larry’s a slut so I’ll let her be one with whoever I chose.

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