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The Most Popular Boy At School

Ryan Granger was a name that invoked fear into many boys’ hearts growing up. The most popular boy at school, captain of the school team, his natural good looks matched only by his sly viciousness. Most kids loved him, the teachers loved him and the fact that he was a mean bully was something most chose to ignore, or simply didn’t believe the smart, polite Ryan was capable of such things. But a select group of boys knew. In particular, Ryan especially enjoyed teasing the nerdy boys, those into science fiction and fantasy. Many boys had been forced to tearfully rip pages from the Hobbit before having them dunked in sour milk and being made to eat them. And to this day the story of how young Jimmy Clarke ended up with a stormtrooper action figure inserted somewhere extremely painful was the stuff of school legend. But as with many bullies, Ryan Granger eventually got his comeuppance, hanks to a cabal of former victims who used their innate knowledge of all things fantastical to source a magical incantation that they used to change Ryan Tanner’s life forever.

So meet Sabrina Granger, a well-known fixture at most sci-fi and fantasy conventions these days. Sabrina just loves cosplay and delights in wearing short skirts and skimpy tops. She’s a huge fan of all things geeky, and in fact, won’t watch or read anything unless it has a fantastical element. She also has a real thing for geeky guys and often ends up having one-night stands. It’s said that all a boy has to do is display an encyclopedic knowledge of Harry Potter to make Sabrina go weak at the knees. Of course, somewhere deep inside Sabrina, Ryan is still aware, even though he has no control over his new life, all he can do is silently scream as he’s forced to endure yet another Lord of the Rings marathon and as Sabrina giggles, as yet another nerd asks if she’d like to play with his magic wand.

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