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Mysterious Powder

Ryan had always found it difficult to gain weight at the gym. He had been training non-stop, 7 days a week, but still saw no muscle gain. Growing desperate, he searched online for a weight gain supplement that would give him quick results. When the mysterious powder arrived, the bottle read ‘Amazing Weight Gain In All The Right Places’, and he followed the recommended dosage of 31 days.


30 days passed with no change, but when he woke on the morning of the 31st day, he screamed with horror. He had gained so much overnight… but not his arms as he had hoped. His hips and thighs were twice the size they had been, and he now had a perky, busty chest! All of his body hair had seemed to disappear, but his hair had grown silky and long.


All of his clothes now too tight, he snuck into his sister’s room and put on a pair of jean shorts and a top with a deep v-cut cleavage which could accommodate his huge boobs. Leaving the house Rayn wasn’t sure if he should go to the gym or to the hospital first but the warm, wet feeling between his legs has already decided for him.

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