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Joe Barker was born in 1945 and spent most of his life crisscrossing the country, making money as a pool hustler, or running short cons on unsuspecting rubes. He lived an exciting if sometimes dangerous life until he hit his 70s when he wound up in a retirement home in Florida.

He thought that was where he’d end his days until he was one of many victims of the Cosmic Shuffle. Overnight millions found themselves in new bodies, and in an instant, Joe went from being a frail 77-year-old man to being a fit and active 28-year-old woman named Priscilla Jones.

Priscilla was a secretary with a mortgage and a husband, but Joe had never been one for jobs or a humdrum life, so he packed a bag cleaned out Priscilla’s bank account, and hit the road. Now Priscilla makes her living the way Joe used to, hustling her way from pool hall to pool hall. She’s as good a pool player as Joe ever was, and still has the gift of the gab when it comes to talking gullible marks out of their wallets. In many ways now Joe is Priscilla he’s a better hustler than he was before. After all, Priscilla has the added talent of being a smoking hot chick, which makes men even more eager to get into bed with her, metaphorically and literally! Joe really enjoys sex as a woman, so when the pool playing or cons dry up he turns tricks to earn some cash. Joe’s second life as Priscilla might be following a similar path to his first, but in many ways, it’s even more enjoyable now he finds he’s as talented with a cock as a cue and there are far more interesting things to do with balls than knock them across a pool table. In fact, there are far more interesting things to do with pool tables, and Priscilla’s been fucked on more than a few!

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