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A Sissyboy All Tied Up

Karen looked at the text message that had just arrived from her room mate Marilin and scratched her head. The message simply said: “Package waiting for you at home. DON’T OPEN TILL I GET THERE! :-)” She couldn’t imagine what the package could be as she wasn’t expecting any orders from online shopping. She tried calling Marilin but she wasn’t answering her phone. At last it was time to go home at the end of her work day and Karen was curious to see what the package was. She opened her front door and let herself in then went into the salon where she found her boyfriend, Eric, wearing her corset, black nylon stockings and bound with rope from head to foot.

A little shriek escaped from Karen as she caught sight of the tied-up boy but then she regained her composure. This must be the package that Marilin was referring to but why on earth was Eric wearing her lingerie and a wig on his head? She was about to remove the gag from Eric’s mouth when she remembered the warning in the text message. Despite Eric’s desperate and muffled pleas to be released Karen just shrugged and went to make herself a herbal tea instead. She brought the drink back to the salon and sat drinking it in silence as she watched the unhappy Eric squirm around trying to untie himself. At last Marilin came home with her friends Janet and Becky in tow. “What on earth is going on?” Karen asked as the girls came in. “I see you found the package,” Marilin said. “I came home earlier this afternoon with Janet and we found your darling Eric prancing around in your underwear. We told him if he doesn’t do as we say we’ll call the police. We had to go out again so we tied him up for safe keeping.” “He looks quite irate,” Becky said with a giggle. “Is this true?” Karen sternly asked the helpless Eric. He had no choice but to nod that it was. “Well then, it seems we have a sissy boy on our hands,” Marilin said. “What should we do now?” Karen was still trying to recover from the shock of discovering her boyfriend was not so much of a boy after all. “This calls for a party,” Becky said reaching for her phone. “I’ll call some girlfriends over and we’ll order in some pizza. This is going to be better than watching a movie…”

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