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You’re Sorry?

“You’re sorry? That’s all you have to say? Look at me! We’re sharing the same damn bathroom! I’m wearing my sister’s dress! And all you can say is sorry?” Jack asked Lisa in the women’s bathroom. “I just thought they’d give you a slap on the wrist. Maybe a fine. I never thought they could do something like this.” Lisa said. “Well, they didn’t. And they can and did! So now I am stuck walking around in high heels for the next five years just because you were too afraid to admit that we were having an affair! I did nothing wrong! You’re the one with the husband. And I get punished!” Jack said.


The cooperation between the state and TG Institute to punish sexism and sexual harassment cases was very well known. But that rehabilitation program was usually only used for repeat offenders or big cases. So when Jack got caught grabbing Lisa’s ass, something he had been doing quite often since they started the affair, he figured he would not have to fear that. Unfortunately, the company wanted to make an example out of him and show that they will not stand for sexual harassment. They pressured Lisa into taking legal action against him. She agreed to it under the condition that Jack would not lose his job. The company dug out any dirt they had on Jack. Every sexist joke and comment he made. Every time he looked at a woman wrong. And he was quickly sentenced to a five years rehabilitation program. Today was the first day back at the company. And the first time he saw Lisa. “If there is anything I can do for you Jack… anything, just say it.” Lisa offered. “Oh, you will do more than anything. You will do everything! You see, they didn’t just turn me into a woman. They turned me into a straight woman. A horny straight woman. And you are going to teach me everything to help me deal with this.” Jack explained.

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