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Hey guys, remember me? lol Sorry, I know it’s been ages since an update but this blog was only meant to be a side project we worked on when we had free time. Ted has a lot of important Real World stuff to take care of and I’ve been sitting pretty in a ton of host bodies lately.

As you can tell I’m inside Abby Drake. It’s actually been for a while now. She finished shooting a new movie a couple of weeks back and then went on a tropical vacation to relax. I also felt I was in need of a little R&R so I hopped this petite little beauty to wear for myself. These past few weeks as Abby have been some of the best of my life. I’m really happy like this. As her. I can’t explain it guys…

I know it’s wrong and that I can’t stay this way but I’ve really felt a connection with this body. Like it was meant to be mine. Crazy talk, I know. I really shouldn’t be thinking this way. I’ve only got a few more days on this island and then I promise to give Abby back her life. It’s gonna be rough leaving this skin. When you’ve been in a host too long it’s like an addiction and “quitting” a body can lead to some pretty serious withdrawal issues and depression. Sounds fun right? Heh. Yeah, being a Hopper isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s only fair I share with you some of the negative effects body-hopping can have on the mind.

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