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Wedding Night

When 27-year-old Larry’s landlady, Barbara asked him to feed her cats while she was away for the weekend he eagerly agreed because it would give him access to her wardrobe, and especially her wedding dress which he loved trying on. Unfortunately for Larry, Barbara didn’t know that her husband had also asked two of his friends, 38-year-old Jerry and 40-year-old Victo feed the cats, and when they popped in and found Larry prancing around Barbara’s flat wearing a wedding dress. “Laura” was


They agreed of course, for a price, because both had decided that Laura looked far too scrumptious dressed as a bride to keep her virginity. Laura’s first wedding night was sticky and uncomfortable, yet also curiously enjoyable. It was also, Vic insisted as he fucked her virgin ass, not going to be a one-off. That was six months ago and Laura no longer needs to rely on borrowing Barbara’s wedding dress, thanks to Vic and Jerry she now has her own trousseau, which means every other night gets to be her wedding night as she willingly gives herself to her dominant husband Vic, his best man Jerry or both.

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