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Tricked Like That

Lucifer could not believe he had been tricked like this. He was the lord of hell. And he got tricked by a simple lesser demon. A half breed. Something with the disgusting smell of a soul. And all just because he wanted to have some fun. After thousands of years, he still loved to visit earth on Halloween night and to trick poor humans into selling him their souls. He thought that he was dealing with a simple human this time as well. And when this bitchy cheerleader, wished that she could have his body in return for her soul he agreed. His human form was quite appealing and it was not the first time he would be swapping bodies. But he quickly realized his mistake after the swap. He was a lot weaker. His powers were gone. And when he tried to turn into his demon form he was shocked to see that it only gave him two small horns.

In a human body, he should not have a problem shifting between his full demon form at human form at will and he should have all of his powers. There was only one explanation. And he was terrified by it. The woman was a demon. Or at least part demon since she also did have a soul. Swapping with demons had different rules. His power would be limited by the strength of the demon. And he was now one of the weakest there was. After looking at the smile on his old body’s face he knew this was all planned. It was a trap. For him. And it worked. A few seconds later Malphas, his second in command appeared laughing. “Very nice work my dear.” he laughed.

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“Malphas. You did this?!” Lucifer hissed and gritted his teeth. “Did you think I wanted to live another thousand years serving you?” Malphas asked. “I am your lord! I order you to swap us back!” Lucifer screamed at his former body. “You are the lord of no one anymore. I am the new lord of hell. And you will follow my command.” Malphas said. “Never,” Lucifer said determined. “Oh? Is that so?” Malphas wondered as he then snapped his fingers. Lucifer fell to the floor in pain. “You are not even a pure demon Lucifer. You are a disgusting half-breed. With a tiny but filthy piece of a soul. Because that tiny shred of a soul stayed in that body during the swap. Every demon in hell now has command over you.” Malphas explained and snapped his fingers again making the pain stop for Lucifer. “That disgusting soul inside of you is going to torture you more than I ever could. But that will not stop me from trying.” Malphas then added and laughed. “Make my command known my love.” Malphas said as he turned towards Lucifer’s old body.


“Every spawn Lucifer births will be killed immediately in front of his eyes. Since Lucifer is closer to a human now instead of a demon he is perfect for our torture school. I am sure they will find a lot of new ways to torture women with him. And once they are bored with him they can send him to the brothel. I am sure every demon in hell will want to have their time with him.” Malphas ordered. “As you wish my lord.” his new second in command said and vanished in a ball of flames. “See you in hell Lucifer. I might come to visit you someday. Once you have been adequately worked in.” Malphas laughed and snapped his fingers. Lucifer screamed as a ball of flame engulfed him and transported him to his new life as a lower demon in hell.

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