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Trevor Gets Angie’s Attention

Jackie and Joann are smiling but Trevor is a bundle of nerves worrying that Jackie’s friend Angie is going to laugh at him. They were just about to take a picture together when Angie walked in like she always does without even a knock. Trevor has had a crush on her for the longest but Angie has never given him a second look. He finally asked his sister Jackie why Angie ignores him? Jackie said, she’s like me silly she likes girls like most of my friends. I’m surprised you hadn’t figured that out. Trevor mumbled to himself, there’s a whole lot I haven’t figured out when it comes to girls. Jackie said if you’re game I know a sure way to get her to pay you some attention? He said I’ll try anything. That was all Jackie wanted to hear.

She’s been wanting to give Trevor a make-over since their mom made her stop dressing him up a long time ago. She called her girlfriend Joann over to help her and the two went all out on Trevor. He was doing 0k until Angie walked in. She was staring at the new girl with the sort of eyes that made Trevor wish she would just keep them closed until she recognized him. She liked that he looked so good as a girl. She could really have a lot of fun with a girl like her. She walked over smiling at Trevor asking what’s your name cutie? Trevor was so nervous he stuttered out Tessa and Angie said I like that name, it suits you. She then just leans in to kiss Tessa and it went hot in a matter of seconds. When Jackie came back with Tessa’s purse they were ready to go clubbing. It was the first night out for Tessa. She had a ball out with the girls and Angie took her home and rocked her world later. Angie even took her like a girl when Tessa ran out of steam. Angie wants Tessa to stick around.

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