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This Is Who You Really Were

Mark stood nervously waiting and pacing in small circles as he carried on an internal dialog with himself about what he was doing. Was his sister Candace right? Is this who he really was? Yesterday when he left the salon where they’d done his hair with the extensions and new color as part of his makeover he had a lot less doubt. The image in the salon mirrors left him with a smile on his face that he couldn’t keep from breaking out. Even dressed in the girl’s jeans and tee-shirt he wore he could see and feel that the image was at last right. It gave him a sense of calm that he’d never felt inside before. He was excited the rest of the afternoon as Candace took her new sister Lynn shopping and over a quick dinner at a salad bar in the mall, they talked about their plans for the week ahead. Last night was so much fun as they redid her room and put all her new things away. She got the best night’s sleep she’s had in a long time.

It wasn’t until this morning when she was getting ready to go out with Angie for more shopping that the doubts started to creep into her head. She’s had a crush on her long-time friend Angie for a long time and she started to wonder, what if she doesn’t like me as Lynn? I can’t just say this was all some kind of gag. I’m not going to cut out the extensions and try to be miserable Mark again. She needn’t have been so worried. Candace had sent her a text a while ago with a picture she’d taken of Lynn in her new outfit. Angie had to consciously keep herself from speeding as she drove and was out of the car before it fully came to a stop. As she hugged and kissed Lynn she said, I knew all along this is who you really were!

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