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The Vengeance Trail

Tanya pulled the trigger then breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on the bench. The last of the men who’d destroyed her old life was dead. She hadn’t always been Tanya though, she’d been Philip Glass, a 40-year-old detective who’d got too close to a gang of people traffickers. What Detective Glass hadn’t realized was that, as well as trafficking people, the criminal gang had a profitable side-line providing the ultimate in new identities because they’d acquired a mystical device that could swap bodies.

Before Glass could call for backup they’d caught him. He’d expected death, but the men were not only ruthless, they were cruel as well. They decided it’d be funnier to stick his mind in the body of a brain-dead young woman they’d just purchased. So Glass wound up becoming a woman who they named Tanya, whilst his body was dumped out to sea. Their first mistake was not killing him, their second was in assuming that they’d broken him because Tanya became a compliant sex toy for them who never refused a fuck or a blowjob. Glass was biding his time. He even spent three months in that Mexican brothel cementing the idea that Tanya was utterly submissive before he finally escaped. Tanya’s been tracking the gang down one by one since then, and now all of them were dead.

She doesn’t know what she’ll do next, but Glass knows that he will always be Tanya now.

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