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The Unexpected Bride

When his twin sister Courtney had skipped town on the eve of her marriage to Cody Lynch, 20-year-old Zach had thought it was funny, especially given how much mom and dad had spent on the big day. He’d always been jealous that they loved Courtney more than him, so he figured it served them right to lose all that money, not to mention be humbled in front of the whole town.

He hadn’t realized what lengths they’d go to in order to save face though, not until he woke up to discover he now had long hair, breasts, and a vagina where his penis used to be.

“Mom, what have you done?”

“What I had to do, I’m not letting your ungrateful sister ruin things. This family’s too respected in these parts. One way or another Courtney is marrying Cody today.”

“But I’m Zach, I’m a man.”

“Not any more sweetheart,” said his mom adjusting the wedding dress. “Thanks to Great Grandma Irene’s spellbook you’re all woman now, and just in case you’re thinking of running away as well, don’t bother, there were things in the spellbook for that too. Wish I’d thought to use that on your sister earlier.”

“Mom, you can’t make me do this. I can’t… l mean Cody, he’s a man… and tonight… after the wedding…”

“Tonight after the wedding you and your husband will do what husbands and wives have always done. You just lie back and do your duty, you don’t have to enjoy it, just tolerate it, and you’d better. Me and your father expect grandkids! Now for goodness sake smile, this is the happiest day of your life!”

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