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The Question

Sue sat in her chair barely able to hide her amusement as she watched Cliff try to figure out what to say to answer her question. It wouldn’t be so funny but his body has already given her the answer even if he is having trouble getting the words out. It’s not like the last time Sue saw him at that party where there were friends of theirs around and he had to save face in front of them. It hurt a bit but she understood that he wasn’t ready and made a joke of it as much as he did. Devin may have been teasing when he asked, so Cliff have you finally found a girlfriend? She knew he liked her and wanted her, she’d been dancing close during the slow song and could feel his hardon against her.

The fact that Devin as with most everybody knew she hasn’t always been Sue but spent the first14 years of her life as a boy didn’t need to be said. She was a girl now and that was all that mattered. She finally got tired of watching him squirm and said you don’t have to answer. You don’t have to spend the night either. I like you and I’m sure I’ve made that obvious. I’m not a boy in a dress I’m a girl and that seems to be too much for you to deal with so I guess we can say goodnight? Cliff finally got himself together and said you know I like you and I’d be happy to be your boyfriend. I’m just not sure I can deal with anyone saying something negative about you without getting into trouble. Sue laughed as she said, and here I was thinking you were afraid of being called gay or something for dating me? Trust me I’ve heard it all and none of it bothers me at this point. I’m more concerned if you can handle a few jokes or remarks. Now bring that over here so I can help you.

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