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The Only Hope

The planet became a desert when the Earth’s temperature suddenly soared to 84.6°F. Hundreds of millions died and civilization collapsed. Most people were unprepared for life after the apocalypse, and that included 29-year-old Brad Loomis, he was a computer programmer but had no skills in a world without computers.


By contrast, 40-year-old Mike Carter had been prepping for the end of the world for years. Mike was Brad’s only hope, but he had nothing to offer Mike…or so he thought. In the Louisiana Desert, Mike and Brad were the only ones left alive, and Mike wanted a woman, needed a woman, and since Brad had long hair and had always been kinda feminine, Mike made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.


And so Brad transformed himself into Angela, and in exchange for food and shelter, he provided whatever comfort Mike desired. Brad hadn’t realized how far he would go, how much he would humiliate himself to survive. There isn’t anything Angela won’t do to keep Mike happy, but when a real woman arrives Brad will have to fight to keep what’s his, fight to prove to Mike that Angela is the only woman he needs!

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