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The Miss Understanding

When he was 13 Tim’s mother asked him what he wanted to be. Tim replied that he wanted to be “a vet” but his mother misheard this as “I want to be Yvette” and before he could correct her she’d exclaimed with joy because she’d always wanted a daughter and had long hoped that Tim would reveal some inner torment.

Tim’s father had recently died, and his mum was teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown, so Tim decided not to break her heart that second. He figured there’d be time to explain the hilarious misunderstanding later. Unfortunately, it never seemed like the right time. Tim is 18 now and has been living as Yvette for almost five years. She takes hormones that have softened her features and given her pert breasts, and soon she’s scheduled for full gender reassignment surgery to complete the process. Tim’s got used to his new life, and it pleases him that by living as Yvette he’s making his mum happy. He finds some aspects of living as a woman quite liberating, and Yvette even has a boyfriend, Frank, a 20-year-old mechanic she met in a club. Yvette likes Frank because he provides the male companionship missing from her life since all of Tim’s friends disowned him. Of course, Frank’s interest is far less platonic, but Tim doesn’t mind the kissing really and tolerates using her hands and mouth to bring him pleasure. Frank is looking forward to Yvette having a real pussy he can enjoy. Yvette’s a bit nervous about this but is looking forward to being able to be a proper girlfriend. It isn’t the life 13 year old Tim wanted, but on the plus side despite the transition affecting her school grades, Yvette still did well enough to start training as a veterinary nurse so at least one dream’s sort of come true!

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