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The Dame Doctor

Larry had always had a thing for dressing like a woman, but it was just a fetish, he’d never actually wanted to be a woman. The mysterious Doctor who lived next door had other ideas however, he’d secretly watched Larry dress up as Brenda and decided it was a waste that Brenda didn’t get to be a girl full time, especially when she was so beautiful.


Luckily the Doctor was something of an expert in turning reluctant young men into eager young women, and Larry was just another notch on his scalpel. The surgery that emasculated Larry was just the start of his adventures. Once she’d healed Brenda was passed onto an old friend of the Doctors. This man used and abused Brenda until he tired of her, at which point he passed her on to the next man in the chain. As Brenda is passed from man to man she becomes adept at providing pleasure, her only hope of escape from this life is to find a man who’ll make an honest woman of her, but as she’s passed from man to man, town to town, will she ever find love, or is her fate to always remain an object only of lust?

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