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The Chick

“Jimmy, you gotta help me, I woke un as a woman!” Jimmy Foxx has been a Pl for 20 years, but the job still surprises him. Take today, when some hot chick in and asks for his help, only said chick claims to be Donnie Parker, the distinctly male owner of the dime store down the street.


Most people might think this was a prank, but Jimmy’s seen enough crazy magic in his time to realize that Donnie’s telling the truth, and he offers to take the case for his usual fee of $10 a day, plus expenses. He also offers to let Donnie stay over at his apartment because while Jimmy believes him, he doubts Donnie’s wife will! Now Jimmy has to work out not only who would have a motive for turning Donnie into a woman, but also the magical skills. Meanwhile, Donnie, or Donna as he’s taken to call himself, tries to help, which ain’t easy when you’re not used to walking in heels or having every red-blooded guy in the city take a long hard look as you walk by.


As they continue their investigation, Jimmy can’t help but be distracted by how attractive Donna is, and as for Donnie, well despite himself he’s finding he quite likes being Donna, he certainly likes the attention he gets from guys, and he especially likes the way Jimmy’s starting to look at Donna. Can the mismatched duo find a way to turn Donna back into Donnie, and more importantly, will either of them want to even if they can?

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