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Scott had always wanted to be a superhero, and when he encountered the crashed UFO and its glowing emerald computer core he knew this was his moment. He’d read enough comic books to know that the fantastical alien technology would imbue him with fantastic powers, so without a second thought, he placed his hands onto the glowing orb. And in part he was right, the alien tech assessed his wishes and altered his form to one better suited to being a superhero.

Unfortunately for Scott, the alien ship originated from a race whose primary function was providing porn to the galaxy, and so even as the computer core granted him his wish, it did so with a slant based on its primary programming. Which is why Scott is now Superslut! (And her alter ego, mild-mannered secretary Amanda Love) Superslut’s powers aren’t quite what Scott had had in mind. A super gag reflex means Superslut can deep throat even the biggest cocks with ease, and the addition of an extra cum stomach ensures she can swallow an amazing amount of spunk without any side effects. Of course, all superheroes should be invulnerable to danger, and Superslut is no exception because she’s impervious to all known sexually transmitted diseases. And into the bargain, she’s super horny all the time and thinks nothing of taking on five guys at once! All of which means Scott doesn’t fight a lot of crime, mainly because he’s too busy fucking criminals, but frankly Superslut doesn’t care one bit!

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