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Stop Staring

What did I do? How should I get along after this? It was supposed to be a fun holiday. But I must have been that drunk, at least that what my two mates say, that I just walked into a sex change clinic and must have begged them to put me under for sex-change surgery. That was 8 weeks ago, as far as I know. Unluckily for me, the sex-change surgery isn’t that regulated here… After they put me under the knife that same night, I was the recipient of a sex change.

I wondered why neither one of them tried to stop me, but I have my suspicion now… When the sex change clinic discharged me and declared me ready for transit and intercourse at the end of last week, both of them began asking me for dates and for being my first one.

Well now that I had both of them having their ways with me, I could easily tell, I am not into men, and sadly my thing used to be longer than both of them.

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