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Stop Staring

Hank looked up and sighed, “Can you please stop staring at me like that?” “Can you blame me? You are the most beautiful chick I’ve ever seen”, Tom replied, “Besides… you were the one, who chose these bodies for us. You must have realized, what kind of effect your looks would have on me.” Hank rolled his eyes and sat up, “I already told you a hundred times: I did NOT choose these bodies! It was an honest mistake. They just got in the way!”

After their latest heist, the police were on their trail and they were closing in fast. So Hank and Tom had no other choice but to fall back on their emergency plan. They had an experimental ray gun – part of some earlier heist’s loot. And with the help of this gun, the two partners-in-crime could swap bodies. Once. So Hank frantically looked around for potential targets. And he quickly found them. Two good-looking college-age guys. But unfortunately right when he pulled the trigger newlyweds Derek and Carol stepped in the way. And while Tom had it quite easy to get used to his new body obviously, Hank had a much harder time. But eventually, he accepted Carol’s body and life as his own. And he didn’t only get accustomed to Tom’s stares. He even started to encourage them by wearing sexier, more revealing outfits. Or by wearing even less clothes.

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