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Stockings and Heels

It wasn’t until I got to the hotel that I realized that I had grabbed the wrong suitcase at the airport. Instead of my swim trunks and tropical shirts, it was all women’s clothing! For some reason, I was particularly drawn to a set of sexy lingerie in the suitcase. I felt compelled to put it on, along with lace stockings and heels.

The black stockings felt wonderful on my legs as I put them on. I gently ran my hands over my knee and around in behind it and back up. The stockings felt so smooth to my touch. And it felt so smooth on my legs. The lace felt very light and soft as I put the panties on and fit snuggly around my groin. It still seemed weird to have such close-fitting clothes in that area, and I was not unsure whether I enjoyed the invasiveness of the clothing as it clung to me and inserted itself slightly between my cheeks. Suddenly my crotch started to feel strange. I watched in amazement as my dick faded away, leaving a pussy under the sheer fabric. Seconds later, the rest of my body changed to match. I was no longer a man, I was a very sexy woman. Once I styled my now long hair, used the makeup kit, and slid on a black dress from the suitcase, I looked even sexier.

I wasn’t sure what to do next, but I knew I was incredibly horny. Without thinking, I left the hotel room, heading to the bar adjacent to the lobby. I needed to find a man to help me test out my new body…

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