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All the headlines kept asking the same thing over and over. The web-slinger that happens to wear the same outfit as Spider-Man. The reality wasn’t just another imposter or poser though. It was Peter, Peter Parker, the actual Spider-Man. “They could just say Spider-Woman too right? Not as good?” Sitting against a building, Peter flips through the newspaper. Shapely curves, a large chest, and accented butt, she was in no way a guy anymore.

“I can’t believe all this… Not like I have many choices though.” Leaping away from the building the wall-crawler webs onto the side of skyscraper after skyscraper, swinging through the city. Of course, as usual, people stare and take pictures. Though not like before. People keep framing her plump backside and front. At the very least it was making her more popular in the online communities. Though probably not for the best reasons.

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“I’m stuck like this… still, never wore off or anything? Tsk.” Peter’s body wasn’t just a woman’s now, the skin-tight Spidey suit she wears had glued itself to her, or maybe it would be better to say attached to her skin. Whatever Doc Oct did to the suit Peter couldn’t figure out how to undo it. The only thing he could remove was her mask. The biggest upside being her identity was at least covered up looking like a completely different person.

“What kind of person makes a suit like this; turn a guy into a girl… if he had access to this sort of technology… Geez, some people’s motivations are pretty messed up.” Finally, though, Peter lands in the back ally of a certain pizza place. He already made the call, so he wanted to be able to at least talk to someone. There she was; the redhead looking confused at the big-breasted spider-girl figure. Pulling off her sweaty mask the new Peter smiles hoping his girlfriend would believe the whole situation well and fine. “So MJ… Yeah, I wasn’t sure how to tell you. But my body has been going through some changes…”

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