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So Hot!

Allen had been so confident when he told his sister Julia that he had no bathing suit and could not go to the pool with her and her friends because of it. It had only been two weeks since he was forced to swap bodies with Katie, the woman he was swapped at birth with. And despite Katie wanting to swap back urgently she had not yet been able to deliver all of her old clothes to him.


Allen didn’t really mind it. as it gave him an excuse not to leave the house. Julia though was determined to get him out. It was their summer holiday and she wanted to show her brother that being a woman could be fun. So when she and her friends were going to the pool all day she invited him along. And she was not going to take no as an answer. Something Allen was starting to realize as he was busy trying on one of his sister’s old bikinis.


“See, I told you it would fit you. You look so hot!” Julia said. “I feel naked like this. Don’t you have a swimsuit? Or a bikini that hides more?” Allen complained. “No, I don’t. And that is the last of my old bikinis. I’m a cup size larger now. Unless you want to deal with the risk of your tits escaping…” Julia said with a small laugh. “I don’t know… I don’t want anybody to see me like this. There will be guys there… I can’t do it.” Allen explained. “It’s just me and my friends. All girls. You know them! And I’ve already talked to them about it. They promised that they will not ask you a single question about the swap or your new body if you don’t want to. And the guys… we will be a group of girls. That will get most guys to back off anyway. I will be by your side the entire time. And if you want to leave we will leave.” Julia said. “You promise? You won’t leave my side? And we leave when I want?” Allen asked. “I promise. Come on, you deserve a day of fun. And it will be fun! I also promise that.” Julia promised. Allen let out a groan. He knew there was no way Julia was going to take no for an answer.

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