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She Took the Risk

Carol looked at Malcolm while holding her breath as she waited for recognition to sink in of who she really was. She’s not sure what she’s hoping will happen after he realizes that she’s his old work friend Carter. Well, she’s not actually, and she’ll never be Carter again if she ever really was in the first place. What he had been for the first 26 years of his life had been a damn good actor. Nothing and no one made that any more clear to him than Malcolm. The obvious feelings he found he had toward his friend laid waste to his denial. He could no longer convince himself that the woman he is known about since before puberty didn’t exist. Nearly a year ago when he finally left his hedge fund manager position, his changes were becoming too obvious to hide, he’d told his friend very little of his plans except what city he was relocating to at the time. They kept loosely in touch thru emails but both of them missed hanging out together. When Malcolm mentioned that he’d be in his city next month for a conference Carol felt confident with how far she had come that she agreed to meet him at his hotel. There was little more she could do to become fully Carol except for her final surgery, she’d had her breast done months ago.

When the smile spread across his face as Malcolm’s frown faded Carol exhaled. She knew that at least he wasn’t going to reject her as a friend even though she hoped for more. When he stepped close to pull her into a hug she was happy but the kiss he gave her took her breath away. Malcolm was first to say that he’s glad he wasn’t turning gay. Now that her outside matches her inside. Carol was very surprised that he’s had a crush too but was confused.

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