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Perfect Match

Trevor turned around and smiled after the man on the street cat called him. He knew he should be upset about it. And he guessed that comments like that will upset him sometime in the future. But right now he was happy to get comments like that. He had never been noticed before on the street by strangers. Especially not for looking good.


He had never cared about his appearance and was a very, if not slightly below average looking man. He concentrated all of his energy on his career. Alicia was nearly the complete opposite. All she cared about were her looks. And both of them wished they had made different priorities in life. Trevor wished that people would notice him. He wished he was beautiful. And that he would not have to pay for sex. Alicia meanwhile wished she had a job that contained more than to get coffee for her boss. She wished she was the boss. She wished that people would listen to her instead of just look at her. It was a near-perfect match for a life swap. Both of them were unsure about swapping genders. But everything else was such a good match for them that they decided to do it.


Five minutes after the swap Trevor knew he made the right call. He had never felt so sexy in his entire life. And he could not believe how easily he was walking around in heels. Of course, he knew it came at a price. All of his knowledge about his former work was now exchanged with knowledge about fashion, make-up, diets, and exercise routines. And he was loving it. He could not wait to get home and try out all of his new clothes. He would need to find something cute and sexy to wear for his girls’ night out.

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