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“Come on, it’s my turn now!” I said as I felt my breasts swell another size, my bust briefly overflowing my new bra, before that too expanded, “You’ve taking ages!” When Chris and I found the remote we’d been very cautious at first, not wanting to get stuck in a strange and unfamiliar body. Over time though, we got more and more bold, our creations only constrained by how little time we had to wear them. However, finally, we had managed to both get a week’s vacation from work and knew we would be spending almost none of it in our own bodies. We had decided ages ago that this time we would be designing each other’s looks, but unfortunately, Chris got to use the remote first…

“You’re wearing this body for a whole week, you should be grateful that I took the time to make it perfect” Chris smiled, holding his finger down on the sensitivity button while pointing the remote between my thighs. Within just a few seconds I was squirming on the spot, trying to resist fingering my pussy in front of him… “Alright, my turn!” I said, ripping the device from his hands. “This body is already horny enough thank you…” Chris braced himself as I began pressing buttons, expecting to suddenly grow huge breasts and long hair, but it didn’t come. Instead, slowly he began to feel a pressure building inside his pants… “Wait, you’re not turning me into a girl too? I thought you’d want payback?” he asked, looking down in glee as his package began to expand. “Payback can wait… you made me beautiful, feminine, and horny, so now I’m going to create a man that can really fulfill my new needs…”

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