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One Little Mistake

History student Max thought he’d done all the necessary checks before using the time schism to transfer his body back several centuries in order to experience the life of a lady in Victorian times. Unfortunately, he made a tiny error, which means rather than inhabiting the body of the upper-class Lady Estelle Muir, he actually ended up in the body of Estelle Moore, a high-priced cockney prostitute. He’s now on the run through Victorian London, trying to outrun the three gentlemen demanding the fuck for a farthing they’ve each paid for.

Unfortunately, Max’s unfamiliarity with the streets and the difficulty of trying to run in high-heeled boots means it’s more than likely Estelle’s three clients will catch up to him long before the time schism is due to return him to 2121 in about three hours’ time. They won’t accept a refund so Max will have to give them what they want. And once he gets back to 2121 he’ll have to rename his thesis from “Life of a Victorian Lady” to “Perils of a Whitechapel Prostitute!”

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