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Oh God, I’m A Bimbo!

Harry was not having a good day. His wife had found out that he was having an affair with Sarah. And now Sarah knew that Harry meant it literally when he called his wife a witch. She had turned Harry into a woman overnight and Sarah had been freaking out about it all morning. Harry meanwhile, while definitely disturbed and frightened by his new body, did seem to have his mind wander a lot. Especially when Sarah was not with him in the room.

Only two hours after they had woken up Sarah came back from the bathroom to find Harry rumbling through her closet. “What are you doing?” Sarah asked. “I’m looking for that sexy miniskirt you had on last week.” Harry said distracted by his search. “Ehh… ok. And why?” Sarah wondered. “I think I’d look totally hot in it,” Harry explained. “And why do you want to do that?” Sarah asked concerned. “Well for the boys of course…” Harry said and stopped searching after he realized what he had just said. “Oh my god… I’m like horny. For guys!” Harry said in shock and disgust. “What did that bitch do to me. I… I can’t remember stuff. What is like my job? It was something with numbers. Like big numbers. Oh god… what is seven times nineteen? Why can’t I do that?!” Harry started to cry. “Oh god, I’m a bimbo!” Harry sobbed. As devastating as the news was for him he did feel a lot better a few minutes later when he found the miniskirt he was looking for. And with a bit of help from Sarah, he soon had a complete outfit that he was happy with. He was sure he would be getting plenty of attention from all the cute boys with it.

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