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Nurse Nancy

24-year-old Nick Jones’ life as a trainee doctor is incredibly stressful, but he’s able to relax by dressing up as his femme alter ego, a nurse named Nancy. Unfortunately for Nick one time he thought he was alone he wasn’t, and a fellow doctor named Todd now knows all about Nurse Nancy. Todd knows if this got out Nick’s career will be ruined so he’s going to humiliate Nick as much as possible.


For starters, Todd forces Nurse Nancy to tend to his aged father, 60-year-old Ronald. Ronald’s in good health, so the tending isn’t really medicinal and mainly involves Nancy giving the old pervert a bed bath before taking his temperature in a strange way that involves the nurse putting something in her mouth! Nick is disgusted with himself but has no option but to comply, but Ronald is soon loaning his nurse out to his pals, who are more than happy to be nursed by someone prettier and far more amenable than any of their wives, even if he’s really a guy. With less and less time for study, Nick is in danger of failing his exams, and when Todd decides he wants some loving from Nancy as well, things reach the breaking point. Pretty soon our hapless hero/heroine will need to make a decision. Is he, Nick Jones, a dedicated doctor, or is she Nancy Jones, naughty nurse!

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