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No One Won The Pool

The women were watching Frank milling around from an office window. He was waiting to be called inside by Mrs. Winslow, the new manager. She had forced him to agree to the makeover and commit to working for a full year as Francis. It was that or be fired and sued into bankruptcy by the women claiming sexual harassment. Mrs. Winslow got all of them to hold off filing suit by suggesting that Frank has to work as a woman for a year with them so he agreed to the terms. She hired a service to do the transformation and teach Frank how to dress, do his own makeup and other things he’d need to know to live as Francis for a year.


Maggie and Barbara said to the others as they watched him, I’ll bet in a year he won’t go back to being Frank. The others chimed in they decided to create a pool to pick which month before the year is up that Francis will confess she’s not going back to being a man.


No one actually won the pool as nobody had picked 3 months. That’s how long it took for her to go to Mrs. Winslow to find out if she could continue as Francis. She also wanted info on if hormones were covered by her medical plan.

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