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Night School Nymph

After he was laid off 26-year-old Gary Taylor gambled his savings by enrolling in a course at night school in order to better his prospects. He thought he’d enrolled in accounting for beginners course, but he put the wrong code on his application and ended up enrolled in the Submissive Slut 101 course!

He tried to correct his mistake but the college terms and conditions were clear. Because he’d made the error there were no refunds. Figuring he’d already paid for the course he decided he might as well take it. He thought it’d be a laugh if nothing else and maybe he’d meet a nice submissive woman. The girls in the class were wary but the teacher, Mister Steel said it was open to everyone, even guys. Gary didn’t take things seriously at first, but when Mr. Steel got angry and demanding a strange thing happened, Gary felt a tingle of pleasure he’d never felt before. Soon he found he was eager to please the teacher, just like all the other girls.

Pretty soon they were calling him Greta, and when Mr. Steel suggested that Gary really should start dressing like a submissive slut like everyone else, Gary didn’t resist. By the time he graduated Greta no longer thought of herself as a guy, and desperate to stay near Mr. Steel she immediately signed up for another course so she could be near the dominant man she’d grown to love.

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