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New Wardrobe

I groaned as the familiar sensation began to change my body again. When the Role Exchanger swapped my age with my sister, it wasn’t so bad. Being 18 instead of 24 just meant I could have another go at finishing high school. But swapping genders with my neighbor was a whole new experience. I still had a boy’s haircut and disappointingly small breasts, but I had soft skin, long slender legs, and an incredible void between my thighs. Right away I knew this was a life I could get used to, one I could really enjoy.

And for a month I did. I began the process of reclaiming my identity, picking the name Annie. But even before I could really settle into female life, the role exchanger returned. It seemed fate was not done with me. I was in a changing room at the mall, trying to finish off my new wardrobe. I closed my eyes and felt my short hair flow past my shoulders and down to my lower back. I blinked in the mirror. This was a great change! I swung it over my shoulder and winked in the mirror. I looked super cute! I couldn’t wait to show my sister. Then I felt it again. Staring at myself in the mirror I watched as my breasts ballooned outwards. I began to moan as they pressed up against my now hopelessly undersized bra. This was followed by a similar feeling below my waist, as my newest panties were stretched as my butt grew and grew. I had spent a month getting to know that cutesy face in the mirror, but the woman who looked back was a bombshell. Her delicate features hinted at her innocence but her curves screamed sex goddess. I took off my useless bra and dropped it to the ground. Annie was going to need a whole new wardrobe, again.

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