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Nathalie is Here to Stay

What in the world got me to agree to model those clothes designed by my sister? I know that I had not the manliest statue, but did that really mean I would be willing to model the female clothes she was designing for her design studies. Yes I know it was because she was needing help because the model she had originally contracted just had a fatal car crash the day before the shooting and her deadline for those clothing was pressuring. When I first saw myself in the mirror I could not believe that the woman in the mirror was actually me, somewhere hidden under countless layers of makeup and a female wig. Even though I tried my best not to be the one to model for those dresses. I called every girl in my phone book, but those who agreed would not be able to squeeze into the dress. Unlike me, unfortunately. With a little padding in a bra, and a master tuck job I was ready for the assignment.

Days and weeks went by until my sister told me that not only she made the deadline she was given a job designing swimsuits for women under the condition that her model would be modeling them. What I didn’t know was, that she didn’t tell them that I wasn’t even a woman, to begin with. So in order to avoid the 10 million dollar fine for the contract, I made the decision that I would become a woman for real. So here I am on the day I finally was allowed to move again freely after my sex change which I underwent 2 months ago. I just wonder how this sex thing will work now, that my penis was removed and replaced by a vagina. I know that my sister is thankful for my sacrifice, and if it wasn’t for her I would not have even considered anything like this. Looking in the mirror the way I do today, I realize that Nathan is gone never to return and Nathalie is here to stay…

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