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Michelle Spills The Beans

Michael flopped down on the bed after telling Matt the whole story of how his sister and her friends were planning to set him up for blackmail because he had dumped their friend. He also included why he went along with their plan. He’d only heard their side of it and it was a chance to have his sister’s help in being a girl. She said I thought you were this terrible guy who deserved it. Now having gone out with you a few times I know better. She looked at him and said, so what now? Do you want me to leave? Matt still was in shock that Michelle could be anything but a girl. He said so as he looked at her sitting there. He kissed her and felt her up a bit and he couldn’t tell. She sure looked like a girl.

He said if you leave they’ll know something’s wrong, what if they figure out you told me what they’re up to. I don’t want anything to happen to you. I think you should stay and maybe we can come up with a way to ruin their plan. She jumped up to hug him as she said I’ll sleep on the couch. Matt said no you take the bed if you don’t want to sleep near me. Michelle was about to say she didn’t think he wanted her near him when he pulled her into a kiss. When they finally came up for air she knew she would get her chance to be the girl she wants to be. She could feel how hard he was and it made her even hotter. If she has her way tonight Michael won’t ever be back. The next moming Matt took her home to gather up her things, he’d decided to take her with him and they would leave town. He had a job offer out west that suddenly looked very good for a new start. Michelle will write her sister much later to thank her.

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