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Lost In Thought

Laura was lost in thought as she walked along the drive leading to the house. It still amazed her that only a few months ago she’d been living as Lewis.

She was angry with her stepmother at first for doing this to her. She tried her best to reach her dad to have him put a stop to it but he was out of reach overseas somewhere. She was no match for Evelyn physically at only 5’4″ and about 115 lbs. The trip to Evelyn’s salon to have her longish hair done was a turning point in her resistance. After the extensions and color change combined with the makeover, they gave her, something just clicked when she saw herself in the salon mirrors. The jeans and blouse she wore looked very out of place on her. She had refused to wear a skirt or dress that morning but she found herself wishing she had as she studied her image.

All along up to that point Evelyn had been telling her that she was just helping her to be who she should have been. At that very moment, she could see she was right. Now all she worries about is what her dad will think when he comes back. Evelyn says she’ll handle him and teach her how too.

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