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Losers and Winners_bodyswap, Great Shift,

“Just because I don’t dress up all girly like you girls doesn’t mean I don’t have any fun in this body! I have just as much sex as you girls. I just don’t need to put on uncomfortable high heels and miniskirt.” Jack explained to his buddies a few months after the Great Shift had landed him and a lot of his friends in the bodies of women.

“Oh yeah? When was the last time you had a guy stay overnight?” A friend wondered. “Who said anything about guys? Unlike you girls who are just longing to get some big cock inside of you I am still perfectly happy with women! And let me tell you, there are so many women out there after the Great Shift who are willing to accept their new sexuality more openly. Or ex-guys trying to convince themself they are still into women… I don’t even have to go to a gay bar to get a woman hit on me. I already had my pussy licked out twice today! Can anybody of you top that?” Jack asked.

“Oh my god! Not only are you hotter than me but you’re also into chicks?! That’s totally unfair!” One of his friends said. “Yeah, I’d give anything to be a lesbian!” Another friend complained. “Well, there are losers and winners. And I’m just a winner.” Jack said with a cocky attitude.

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