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Looking Great

I can understand that Lisa is not happy with me, but that’s no reason to leave me here like that. How am I supposed to get home now after she drove off with the car as the purse in which I have put my personal belongings is still in the passenger seat? So I have no money, no keys, no ID, and no mobile with me right now. Looking back, I know now that I should never have agreed with Lisa’s suggestion to go shopping with her. Of course, I could not know that she had this potion she gave me to drink just before we left her place. And that potion turned me into a woman who Lisa immediately called Dawn. The most troubling thing for me after my transformation was that from the very first second, I felt like a real woman as if I had always been one. After putting on the clothes Lisa had ready for me, we drove to the city in her car. At the beginning of our shopping trip, I felt a bit unsure, but with each shop we visited, I became more and more aware of how great I looked in some of the clothes I tried on. Less than an hour later, all the clothes I had put on after my change had been replaced by new ones. What I did not realize, however, was that Lisa’s mood was getting worse and worse. But it was not until I bought those strappy sandals to top off my outfit that Lisa exploded.

It came very unexpectedly for me when she started to suddenly address reproaches to me, “Dawn, I took you along with me to advise me which clothes to buy. But you were just interested in your own outfit, and what you should buy for yourself. I thought that if I had a friend with me, it would help me to find some nice clothes. But not only did the potion make you prettier than me, no, the potion also seems to have given you a better fashion style than mine. That was not part of my plan at all, and right now I cannot stand the sight of Dawn anymore. I’m driving home now, and you don’t need to show up there until the potion’s effect wears off. Comprende?” I was so surprised by Lisa’s outburst that I got out of her car, then closed the door and watched as Lisa drove off. Only then did I realize that I forgot to take my purse with me. Now I’m sitting here wondering about how to get home. But at least I look great while sitting here, right?

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