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Look Nice

“I’m not sure I want to let you see them?” I said fighting the grin that threatened to cross my face, covering my cleavage with my arm and watching the look on his face turn from childish excitement to utter panic. My bra strap hung loosely off my shoulder, the cups themselves on the verge of falling off. “What?” He said, trying to hide his frustration, “But this is what we agreed. I change you into a woman so we can both finally get some action.”

“But I’m a hot girl now” I replied, enjoying how easily I could toy with him now, “I’m not just going to strip for you. You’re going to have to use a bit of charm to get rid of the final layer…”

“Errr…” he said, the knowledge of how to flirt evidently not part of his enormous mind. “You look nice?”

I burst out laughing, my chest jiggling up and down with my breaths while my juicy lips spread into a smile. “You might be a genius, but you’ve got a lot to learn about women…”

His eyes sunk, he was so easy to read. I’d really convinced him I wasn’t going to put out, and he was heartbroken, weeks of tinkering with his transformation device only to be stopped at the final hurdle. Toying with him was fun, but I wasn’t that mean…

“I’m kidding dude, “ I said finally, letting the lacy material drop to the floor, and watching his eyes light up like a Christmas tree. My perfect breasts on full view as I began to slowly massage them, “Tomorrow you’re using the device too. so you can see things from a woman’s perspective. Hopefully, we can improve your flirting game. But tonight… tonight I am yours to command, I am ready to please, and I’ve got some very kinky ideas…”

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