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Listen To Me

“Now Emily, listen to me,” Paul said as he lean over the sink while speaking to himself, or rather Emily in the mirror. “There are two ways this can go. The first one is that you accept this and let me make a couple of hundred bucks I need. And you will get this body back unharmed. l’m trying to make this as easy as possible for you Emily. I extra traveled to a different city. Nobody knows you here and if you behave nobody will ever know what happened here. You let me strip in your body so I can get the money I need. And by Monday morning you will be back in your own bed With you in control of your body again.

You lose the weekend. But that is it. And I will never possess you again. I can even lay a protection spell on you that nobody can ever possess you. Or you can continue to fight me. And then I will do a lot more than just strip. I will travel back to your home. And by the time I unpossess you, you will be known around town as the city whore. You will never be able to get a real job again. This is not the first time I am doing this Emily. And you are not the first girl to fight. And if you continue to fight you will not be the first girl to regret it. Now it is your choice, Emily. Loose one weekend. Or your life as you know it. I really hope you choose not to fight. This body is far too pretty to be a cheap prostitute. And I don’t really think Double D breast implants would look good on you…” Paul said further as he felt Emily stop fighting. “Good girl,” Paul assured Emily.

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