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“Woah! Ever heard of knocking! What the hell are you doing here anyway?!” Peter said as he struggled to cover his huge boobs. “Like I haven’t seen those before. They are mine you know! And your mom… or dad… left me in. It’s been two weeks since the Great Shift swapped our bodies. Don’t you think we should you know… learn from each other? Give each other some pointers about being in each other’s bodies? Don’t you have any questions about being a girl? Like my period?” Carrie said to Peter lustfully staring at her old half-naked body all the time.

“Do I look like I need help with your body Carrie? You might have a problem being a guy. But I am not having a problem being a girl! If you would bother coming to school instead of being at home crying you would see just how cool I am with being a hot babe! Now I am not saying I am looking forward to my period. But when it comes I am going to deal with it. And don’t pretend you are here out of my concern. Or that you need to learn something from me about being a guy! That was my body. And I know how much it had the hots for this nice body. And who can blame it? This body is spectacular. And I am guessing that this site has already made you nearly cum in your boxers. And you might think we both could hook up. Since we switched with each other. But well, here’s the thing. When you had this body and I just tried to be nice to you, you treated me like crap. And I am going to treat you the same. Now, what did you used to say to me? Oh yeah… Beat it, nerd!” Peter said to Carrie.

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